Lift Maintenance and Repair

Lift Maintenance and Repair Across UKNo matter the make or model, we offer reliable local lift repair services

Keeping people and goods moving is vital for any business. A broken or faulty lift can cause significant loss in both profit and reputation, so we understand how important it is to ensure your lift is kept in full working order at all times.

So no matter where you are, one of our highly experienced engineers is never far away. We deliver maintenance services to nearly 100,000 lift products with excellent customer net promotor scores.

You benefit from over 10 years of lift experience. We can work on all brands and types of lift equipment. Whether it’s a passenger lift, service lift or moving walkway, E-Quality Lifts services can help you.

24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year call-outs for lift breakdowns
Full range of lift services, including maintenance, repairs, refurbishment and modernisation
Individual and bulk lift service contracts that match your needs
No matter what service you are looking for, we have you covered
Our team of experts can help you get exactly what you need

Why Choose our Lift Maintenance and Repair Services

Ensuring all lifting devices under your care are safe and well-maintained is a legal requirement for any building owner and maintenance contractor. The simplest and most effective way of complying with these requirements is to have a lift service contract in place – keeping your lifts reliable and safe to use.

With our cost-effective service and maintenance contracts, we’re proud to focus on providing traditional rather than modular servicing (which involves quick visual inspections.) By undertaking full preventative maintenance services, we identify watchpoints, preventing problems and breakdowns before they happen.

We believe in preventing lift downtime. In the long run, traditional maintenance increases the lifespan of the units we service and reduces the frequency of call-outs from lift breakdowns, and E-Quality Lifts we can keep your lift running smoothly.