Lifts for Homes

Home Lifts

A home lift not to be confused with a home elevator is a type of lift specifically designed for private homes, where the design takes into consideration the following four factors:

1. Compact design in view of the limitations of space in a private residence,

2. Usage of the lift restricted primarily to the residents of the private homes,

3. Special facilities to meet the needs of elderly and handicapped persons, including wheelchair and stairlift users, and

4. Quiet, smooth, jerk-free movement of the lift and Controls to have ease of operation.

A home lift may be linked to specific country codes or directives. For example, the European standard of Machine Directive 2006 42 EC requires compliance with 194 parameters of safety for a lift to be installed inside a private property.

A home lift, also known as a through-floor or domestic lift, allows homeowners to move between floors safely and independently. Home lifts can be used by those who are less mobile, but increasingly there is a desire for future-proofing, where homeowners install domestic lifts because they plan to remain in their home into retirement and beyond. Many homeowners choose home lifts as an alternative to traditional stairlifts because of the distinct benefits it provides them compared to this type of device.

Stairlifts are also considered to be part of the home lift family and are ideal when the footprint space isn’t available in smaller properties for the through the floor type lift.

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