Passenger Lifts

What is a passenger lift?

A passenger lift is a type of lift that is designed to take passengers up and down a vertical lift shaft. Cabin and shaft sizes can vary in a passenger lift, but they are usually completely enclosed. Possible lifting mechanisms for a passenger lift include pneumatic, traction and hydraulic lifting methods.

passenger lift

Passenger Lift

Why do I need a passenger lift?

Passenger lifts are favoured where speed, traffic flow and capacity are prime considerations. Can travel up to 40 metres. Can travel at excessive speed compared to the platform lift.
Capacity can range from 3 to 33 people. They are energy efficient and easy to install. Plus, they come with advanced features such as voice-guided navigation and adjustable speed settings.


Passenger Lift

Which lift is for me?

It’s going to come down to the restraints of your building. If you have a building of four floors or more, you’re going to need the passenger lift. For smaller buildings, that struggle to meet the requirements of a passenger lift, then a platform lift can be a great investment to make. Ultimately, to make your building truly accessible, you are going to need a type of lift, and both have their benefits.